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Unique character in Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer

The multiplayer content for Final Fantasy XV certainly sounds intriguing. Players will be able to create a unique character and team up with three friends online in a Comrades mode. By equipping royal sigils, players will be granted special powers from the Lucian bloodline, enabling them to take on the no doubt challenging quests involved in the new content.

Final Fantasy XV multiplayer will certainly add a new dimension to the title when it emerges, and will continue to build the legacy of one of the most significant video game series in the history of the medium. While Final Fantasy VII arguably remains the most revered title among all of the games released thus far, the series continues to impress and engage gamers of all ages.

It is known that the Final Fantasy XV multiplayer content will also feature single-player missions. These will enable players to improve their characters'specifications, with the ultimate goal of discovering more about the disappearance of Noctis. This featured strongly in the plot of the main storyline in the single-player Final Fantasy XV campaign.

Online play

With online play so important nowadays, it is not surprising that Square Enix has chosen to create a deep and involving Final Fantasy XV multiplayer universe. Final Fantasy XV characters Gladiolus, Prompto and Ignis will be added as playable characters in future updates, while Comrades will be made available to all those who purchased a season pass for Final Fantasy XV previously. The Final Fantasy XV multiplayer content is, of course, also available via a standalone purchase.

The Final Fantasy XV multiplayer content is just the latest strand in a universe of successful Final Fantasy games. Recently, it was announced that the mobile title Final Fantasy XV: A New Empirehas has racked up more than 20 million downloads; once again indicating the popularity of the game. MZ developed this title in partnership with Square Enix, and has achieved massive success with this game since it was launched earlier this year.

Instagram star Alexis Ren was recruited to participate in the marketing of this game, which proved to be highly successful, not least because the model has acquired 11 million followers on the social media platform. This strategy arguably followed earlier efforts from Game of War; a strategy getting obviously influenced by Game of Thrones which utilized a viral campaign featuring the actress Kate Upton.

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