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FIFA18 Best Super 23 Players in English Premier League: 8 Manchester City No Arsenal ed

FIFA18 Best Super 23 Players in English Premier League: 8 Manchester City No Arsenal selected

At the end of the Premier League season this season, the FIFA18 game selected the best 23 players in the Premier League season, of which 8 were selected from the championship team Manchester City.
FIFA18 Best Super 23 Players in English Premier League: 8 Manchester City No Arsenal selected
Manchester City lead the way in the Premier League this season and has already won in advance. The current record is 30 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses. In the best lineup for the FIFA18 game selection, 6 players from Manchester City were selected for the starting lineup and 2 were selected for the bench lineup.
In the 23-man roster, 5 Spurs players, 4 Manchester United, 3 Liverpool, 1 Chelsea, 1 Leicester City, 1 Burnley, and the Premier Leagues traditional giant Arsenal no one was selected.
FIFA18 game selection of Premier League season lineup:
Main force (11 persons) 343: De Gea/Walker, Otamamenti, Verthorngen/Debraone, David Silva, Fernandinho, Eriksson/Aguero, Kane, Salah
Substitutes (12 players): Pope, Azpilicuetta, Matic, Lukaku, Ashley-Yang, Sane, Sterling, Fermino, Mahrez, Ali, Sun Xingyi, Mane

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